Abuhurairah Trust


Donation Details: 

In our institution there are many donars who pay donation for the welfare of the area most of our donars are from local surrounding and some are from outer areas. Our major donars are BITALA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES and Malak Bradran (Founders of ALRAHEEM GARDEN) They are leading businessmen around the area and also have a positive political influence over the area. MIAN Bradran of BITALA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES also have a strong participation in this welfare work they are working day and night for the progress and development of the Idara. We also have some more important donars such as BUTT FAMILY which is contributing to this troop of welfare by heart and soul. It is our good luck that the people who are working around us work with full devotion. In this great working we have a great support of our neighbors. In this close area people are working with us from every school of thought. It is a valuable thing for us that people who are paying their donations are not only from one islamic school of thought. They belong to every school of thought like,Sunni,Wahabi etc. So It is a great honour for us that we are working to geather all muslims on one stage

If you want this more than information contact this number :

MR.Qari Abdullah (vice adman) : 03004880673