Nurturing the Whole Child for a Healthier Future

We are committed to providing accessible, compassionate and comprehensive care for your child.  From routine check-ups to urgent care needs, we offer a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of infants, children, and adolescents.

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Building a healthy future for your child

We are a physician-owned, direct primary care delivery model that enhances the doctor-patient relationship,
and allows pediatricians to practice nimble, evidence-based medicine utilizing modern technology. The result
is improved care, enhanced patient and family experiences, and reduced healthcare costs.

Developmental Monitoring

Pediatricians closely track children's developmental milestones to ensure healthy growth and intervene early if delays are detected.

Preventive Care and Immunization

Pediatric care emphasizes vaccinations and regular check-ups to prevent illnesses and promote overall well-being.

Family-Centered Approach

Pediatricians involve families in healthcare decisions, providing support and education to empower caregivers in managing their child's health.

Holistic and Specialized Care

Pediatricians offer comprehensive care addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects of children's health, with specialized expertise tailored to specific age groups or medical conditions.

Community Pediatrician

Whole Pediatrics goal is to foster a positive and supportive environment that empowers parents to make informed decisions about their child’s health and wellness. We believe that building strong relationships with our patients and their families is key to achieving optimal health outcomes. Check out our membership pricing for your child’s healthcare needs.

Whole Peds is for The Community

Our Pediatric Practice is a valuable community resource, offering affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare to all children. By eliminating insurance barriers and providing personalized attention, we ensure better health outcomes and reduced hospital admissions. Our 24/7 direct access to pediatricians provides parents with peace of mind and immediate medical advice. Our practice stands as a supportive network, fostering healthier futures for our community’s children.

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Welcome to Whole Pediatrics

Whole Peds is for Families

Tired of never seeing your own doctor and always speaking to a nurse when you call? Frustrated by long waits in the office and then only seeing your doctor for a few minutes? Feeling like there is never enough time to get your questions answered? Wishing you had your own doctor who knew your child on speed dial ?  Whole Pediatrics is the answer. Contact us now to discuss services we provide or set up a meet and greet.

Holistic Care

Pediatric treatment addresses physical, emotional, and developmental needs.

Developmentally Appropriate

Tailored treatment methods for each child's age and stage.

Family Involvement

Parents are active participants in treatment decisions and care.

Preventive Focus

Emphasis on disease prevention, screenings and healthy habits

Collaborative Approach

Multiple healthcare professionals working together for comprehensive healthcare for your child to provide optimal outcomes

Wellness Tips

Expert and Personalized Nutrition
Guidance for Healthier Lifestyle

Whole Peds is for Schools
and Employers

We can work directly with schools and employers to create a personalized partnerships that fits the unique needs of each organization. Whether you are looking to develop a school-based health clinic with an on-call doctor or provide the families of your employees with a unique healthcare package, Whole Pediatrics is here to help.


Our Patient's Success Stories

From the expertise of our pediatricians to the care of our nurses, every moment at our clinic was reassuring. Our child felt safe, understood, and received the best medical attention.

Always happy and respectful of your personal choices. Into healthy, wholesome nutrition. Won't give antibiotics unless truly necessary. My daughter says "he's the best doctor ever"

I love Dr. Bost. I was sad we moved. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and not pushy about vaccines. He listens to me and responds kindly and informatively. When he didn't know an answer he found out and got back to me.

Exceptional care and compassion . Grateful for Dr. Bost dedication to our child's well-being.

Dr. Bost makes pediatric care easy and reassuring for first-time parents like us. his preventive focus gives us peace of mind.

Dr. Bost exceeds expectations in every way. His comprehensive approach ensures our child receives top-notch care. Couldn't be happier.


Latest Updates & Insights

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