Our Services

We are Whole Pediatrics!

Having more than 23 years of pediatric experience, Dr. Bost is trained to provide a range of services
within the scope of his practice to help ensure competent care and the health and well-being of your
child. Some of the services provided include


We believe in providing vaccinations to protect our patients against a range of diseases, but we also respect a parent’s personal choice on how they would like to proceed in providing vaccinations. We can discuss more during our meet and greet.

Sick visits

Treatment of children and young adults when they are sick or have a fever. We evaluate their symptoms and provide treatment recommendations.

Acute care

Simple splinting for sprains, simple laceration repairs, standard testing such as streptococcal screenings, urinalysis, drainage of simple abscesses, and more ​

Developmental screenings

These are regular screenings to ensure that your patients are meeting their developmental milestones.

Chronic disease management

We work with patients who have chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes to manage their condition and keep it under control.

Behavioral and mental health

We evaluate and treat patients who have behavioral or mental health issues such as ADHD or anxiety.

Well-child exams

These are routine check-ups that assess your child's overall health and development.

Nutrition counseling

We provide guidance and support to help parents ensure that their children are eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Sports physicals

We perform physical exams for children and adolescents who participate in sports to ensure they are healthy enough to participate.

Health education

We provide information and education to parents and children on a range of health topics such as safety, hygiene, and disease prevention.

neonatal circumcisions

Additional in office procedures include neonatal circumcisions, simple drainage procedures, ear lavages, many more

As our family of patients grow at Whole Pediatrics, we may offer additional services based on the needs of the community and patient population.

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