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About Us

  1. Mr. Mian Ahmed Saeed (Late) Former Guardian Abu Huraira Trust & (Founder of Batala steeel group of industries )Allah bless on him in paradise say every one (Ameeen)
  2. Mr.Mian Muhammad Tahir Central member of Abu Huraira Trust and executive member of Batala Steel
  3. MR.MIAN MUHAMMAD TAYYAB Guardian of Abu-Huraira Trust & executive member of Batala Steel
  4. Mr.Malik Azhar Farmaish Awan (Secretory General Abu Huraira Trust Pakistan)

History Of Markaz ABU HURAIRA (AHLE HADITH) Bilal
Colony Daroghwala
In september 1993 Mohtarma Begum Afzal Butt Sahiba (Late) of Raju k Sialkot and Mrs Hafiz Younas Azad Sahiba made this institution to spread the Toheed and Sunnat and for this purpose they established this institution and purchased this land for the blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Which was named by a great Sahabi of Rasool (SAW) Hazrat ABU HURAIRA (RA).
Markaz abu Huraira construction was started on 4th of November 1993 by the hands Great and educative Personality of Islam “Senator Sajid Mir”
On 4th of February 1994 Sheikh Ul Hadees ul Tafseer Hazrat Molana Abdul Wahab Sahab (GUJRANWALA) (Sarparast Markazi Jamiat AL Hadith Pakistan) delivered first Juma tul Mubarak and prayed for this institution to live till Judgment Day (Qayamat) and also prayed this institution and its all departments may become the symble of light for whole world.Later on Hafiz Younas Azad started Imamat here on regular Basis and also started the clases of Tajweed, Hifz ul Quran and Nazra to educate and show right path to our youth. Because of his regular hardworking this plant of Toheed and Sunnat now ALHAMDULLILAH! Has become a great Tree which is providing its fruit to the people of area and their upcoming generations. This center is not less then a blessing for people of area.This is why every educative person is atrecting towards this center and thinks pridefull to become a part of this center ABU HURAIRA (RA) TRUST.
Re Construction of Markaz ABU HURAIRA
In September 1998 was decided to re construct the temporary building of Markaz Abu Huraira. For this purpose members of Abu Huraira Trust and People of area gave full financial support to build a triple story building.In july 1999 a famous business personality “Respected Mian Ahmad Saeed (Late)” (Bitala steel Group of Industries Pvt Ltd) visited the center especially and took responsibility for the re habilation of the building and in short time period of one year the construction of present building was completed.
Our departments :

 Hospital Gyne Indoor department and General Physician (Out Door)

 School (It is for boys till to matric with (Sci and Arts) )

 Madrissah (Lil Banat, Lil Baneen)

Visits Of Important Personalities in Abu Huraira
Senator Professor Alama Sajid Mir , Molana Muhammad Abdullah Sheikh ul Hadith (Gujranwala), Sheikh ul Quran Molana Muhammad Hussain Sheikhupuri, Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Sheikhupuri, Molana Muhammad Abdullah Gurdaspuri Hifz Ullah, Sahibzada Hafiz Abdul Aleem Yazdani Hifz ullah, Sheikh ul Hadith Molana Muhammad Azam Gujranwala, Fazilat ul Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Kareem Dera Ghazi Khan, Al Haj Mian Muhammad Jamil Hifz ullah, Rana Shamshad Ahmad Salfi Hifz Ullah, Muhammad Naeem Butt Hifz Ullah, Al Sheikh Allama Muhammad Madni Jehlum, Molana Muhammad Abdul Aziz Hanif Hifz Ullah Islamabad, Hafiz Abdul Razzaq Saeedi Hifz Ullah, Sheikh ul Hadees Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Asri Hifz Ullah , Al Haj Mian Naeem Ul Rehman Tahir,Molana Abdul Khair Azad Hifz Ulllah, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Muhammad Rafiq Tarer (President of Pakistan), Ghulam Dastagir Khan, Khwaja Saad Rafiq, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, Khwaja Salman Rafiq, Rana Asad Ullah Khan Advocate, Rana Abdul Qayum(Deputy Secretory Education Punjab), Raja Ayub Shahzad Rathor Advocate, Famous Journalist Muhammad Rafiq Dogar and other Religious and Political Personalities of society are also included in this.
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